A Piece of Cake, Eight Confections for low-register clarinet and piano., Warwick Music.
Altango for alto saxophone and piano, Warwick Music.
Études Académiques for Clarinet, Warwick Music.
La Habana for Euphonium and Piano, Warwick Music.
Quartet for Saxophones Warwick Music.
Quintet for Brass, Warwick Music.
Scenic Studies for Clarinet, Warwick Music.
Sonata for Clarinet and Piano, Warwick Music.
Spa Town Studies, Descant Recorder, Warwick Music.
Spa Town Studies, Treble Recorder, Warwick Music.
Tangram, for Tenor Saxophone and Piano, Warwick Music.
Yu Yuan Suite, for Descant Recorder and Piano, Warwick Music.
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Arrival of the Queen of Sheba, Saxophone Quartet, Stanza Music.
Miller of Dee, Saxophone quartet, Stanza Music.
The Squirrel, Saxophone quartet, Stanza Music.
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Review of the final movement of JRB's "Sonata for Clarinet and Piano" by clarinettist Jeff Howard of the Israel Northern Symphony, Haifa:


This is a really fun ride! I can't wait to find a piano player with a bit of latin groove and the guts to take this on. This piece is so cool that it even sounds good on the computer-tone playback!

The rhythms are almost hypnotic and will make you want to be Cuban, if you're not already. The shifting harmonies are also quite delicious.

Both the rhythms and harmonies push into a really hard groove and then - at just the right moment - shift and morph into the next equally satisfying groove. After a couple of these cycles the piece winds down with a really witty ending.


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